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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Concurrency: The Compiler Writer's Perspective

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A short interview with Brian Grant:

SD Times: Is concurrency too difficult for developers accustomed to linear programming to grasp?

Brian Grant: It is challenging, but I don’t think it’s too challenging. I do think certain languages, especially C and C++, make it very challenging to write robust big multithreaded systems. Basically, they have features that are hostile to concurrency.

Does your experience in compilers give you a different perspective than the average developer?

Higher-level languages favor ease of correctness over ease of performance. For example, in functional languages such as Haskell, the code you write does not have any side effects. The model is that they don’t modify existing data; they generate new data. The advantage is that it’s easier for the compiler to reason about what different components of the code can do.

Oops, seems like fire for tomorrow's lunch with the usual geeks - too bad this discutions never end up here on the blogosphere, where they should take place...

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