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Friday, December 07, 2007

Architecting for other than SOA and Ux

Don't get me wrong, SOA and User Experience are very dear subjects to me. But we have other architecting needs, and one of them are the frameworks internal to our systems.

We have to decide how much of this framework is built in house, how much from outside components/frameworks, and finally how much we just give up using.

We have to decide if we use standard ADO.NET, CSLA.NET compliant components, simple Datatables, iBatis, dOOdads, EntitySpaces, NetTiers, NHibernate, LINQ To SQL, LINQ To Entities, SubSonic or the next to be persistance framework, remembering that on the past we have choose OlyMars, Gentle.NET or WilsonORMapper.

We have to choose a DI framework. We have to decide between Enterprise Library, Spring.Net or CastleProject. We have to choose between MVC, MVP or WebForms. We have to choose between using our our in house code generator, CodeSmith, myGeneration or T4 GAT/GAX.

We have to choose what our model is on MDD. We have to choose when to use SProcs and when not to.

We have to choose between SQLServer, Oracle and other databases.

We have to choose a workflow system and a middleware.

We have to choose a unit testing framework, a mockable framework, a source control and continuous integration system.

Yeap, we have a lot to architect. Why does SOA and Ux gets most of the attention?

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