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Friday, May 29, 2009

bing: yet another search engine or something new?

Only time will tell. The concept is cool, privileging the decision engine over the raw search paradigm, providing customers with a first step in moving beyond search to help make faster, more informed decisions.

Though bing is not live yet, some lucky testers have been trying it out (I’ve only managed to get a 15 minute demo). What they say: at first it seems like another search engine. But the differences start to show up: queries are somehow semantically categorized, providing a reading in context. And context can be shopping, travelling, health, geography. Some rather explain that bing offers improved filtering tools with an interface similar to Google, but with different multimedia search results.

bing will be a though battle for Microsoft: Microsoft search technology has traditionally been years behind google, and it will probably be nothing but a cool concept over a poorly design search engine infra-structure. If the search infra-structure doesn’t get the results we expect, there’s not much bing can help Microsoft here. It may patch it, but won’t fix it.

So where can bing beat google: on the structured and cool looking results? May be, let’s see how it goes. For now bing is only guaranteed to win over on criteria: it’s 2 letters shorter! Can you believe this, there was still a 4 letter domain being saved for later usage :)

Hope it comes live soon. Until then, here’s a preview video.

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