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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

MVVM Toolkit for WPF

MVVM toolkit has been released at CodePlex – haven’t tried it yet  :(  Here are some references brought by the toolkit’s documentation:

· Presentation Model by Martin Fowler, July 2004.

· Introduction to Model/View/ViewModel pattern for building WPF apps by John Gossman, October 2005.

· Separated Presentation by Martin Fowler, June 2006.

· WPF Patterns by Bryan Likes, September 2006.

· WPF patterns: MVC, MVP or MVVM or…? by the Orbifold, December 2006.

· Model-see, Model-do, and the Poo is Optional by Mike Hillberg, May 2008.

· PRISM: Patterns for Building Composite Applications with WPF by Glenn Block, September 2008.

· The ViewModel Pattern by David Hill, January 2009.

· WPF Apps with the Model-View-ViewModel Design Pattern by Josh Smith, February 2009.

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