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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Windows server ecosystem is awesome!

Ok, in respect to Windows I must admit I’m a little biased, but don’t take my word for it, take yet another cool case-study on stackoverflow.com:

Picture if you will, a collaborative site that runs on two servers, is managed by four people, and has attracted a third of its target demographic within six months of launch. A site that has had 800,000 posts submitted by its users in its short lifetime and has 16 million pageviews/month - and growing.

And take a look at the 8th building block:

Performance: Ensuring answers are provided super fast was imperative. As a result, Stack Overflow is built on a Microsoft stack. "This entire site is serving 16 million pages a month and we're doing it off of two servers which are almost completely unloaded," said Spolsky. One server is a Web server, the other is running Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and both are 8 core Xeon's. While many may assume using an open source stack would be more efficient, Spolsky explained that while SQL Server licenses cost $5000 per box, the Microsoft stack is paying for itself in terms of reduced hardware.

Thanks to Spolsky and Atwood for given us this incredible network. Thanks for Cab_ux for bringing this link to my attention.

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