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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hyper-V annoying bug

I’ve been using Hyper-V since the betas. It have been working flawlessly except for a tiny detail: the wired bridge I had to setup is always up and running, even when I unplug the patch cable :S

This didn’t annoyed me as much as it should. It probably annoyed the poor bastard whom DHCP server delivered my IP and got a duplicate address popping on his screen. And every now and then I had to restart the network adapter to get networking up. But other than that it just worked just fine. Until this weekend.

I use my laptop daily on office and at home. I was getting tired of switching the proxy settings back and forth, so I finally decided to implement a simple utility that changed the proxy depending on the DHCP server it detected (more exactly based on the DNS suffix).

All I had to do was to trigger NetworkChange.NetworkAvailabilityChanged, right? Wrong, while this bridge is on, network doesn’t go down… I had to disable the wire bridge to get my utility running.

So this may well have been the last push I had to get my hands on Windows 7 (again). Let’s see how it goes now that I have a version that works for more than a month :)

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