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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

To desktop or to laptop, that is the question…

The desktop is dying and it’s a pity. We can get more juice for what we pay for desktops, we can upgrade them not having to pay it all over again, and for most of the people the mobility is not an issue.

Year after year when choosing our workstations I try to buy a couple of beefed-up desktops, only to stop against one argument I have to accept: “we are a consulting firm”. And that’s a hard fact, though most of the development team on my division works in-house, if someone has to move into the client premises, even for a couple of months, a laptop is our only solution. Though most of the time a desktop would boost up productivity, I have to admit laptops come in handy on mobility. And energy consumption.

If budget was not a problem I’d have both. A beefed-up desktop to get things done and a laptop to hang around in meetings, to work at home and to carry on weekends and holidays. And definitely a  “kitchen sink” one, with a 15.5’ display, a 7200RPM drive (no SSD yet, I’m afraid…) and heavy enough to build to last, though carrying it to everywhere on a backpack, weight is not an issue. By the way, cool article Michael Campbell, the “kitchen sink” is pretty much the only point we don’t agree upon :)

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