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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finally bought a Mac

I've been trying to get a cheap Mac for years, but finally gave up and bought a new one. It's a simple 20' iMac, I've just bought an extra memory to get to 4GB.

Those of you who know me since the late 80's should be wondering if I have Alzheimer - yes, I used to develop on System 6 and 7 on Macintosh 128K, Plus, SE 30 and Quadra and hated everyone of these dreadful beasts. Those of you who know me from the mid 90's as a Microsoft evangelist (not to say fanatic) should be wondering if this is a sign for the end of the world. Those who know me from the last years know I'm just in love with Mac OS X.

Why Mac? Because:
  • it is different
  • it is challenging
  • it is beautiful
  • it brings a new UX
  • it has a user community that isn't afraid to dump the past and reach for new concepts
  • it is innovative
  • it has Unix roots (yes, I've worked on Unix for ages...)
  • it isn't too intrusive a gadget to put on a bedroom
  • it runs all I can run on a PC (including XP and Vista) plus Mac OS X
And no, I'm not planning on stop using Microsoft OSs. They are the best, but I want more. There's room for much more, believe me!

I'm now trying to get into this new concept (the last time I used a Mac was over 3 years ago for only a couple of months). The next step is to choose a virtualization product to get my good old XP developing machine up and running - can't wait to get Silverlight into Safari on Mac :)

After that my next step will be to to install Ubuntu on my old Celleron.

PS: isn't it strange, the first things I've installed was a Remote Desktop Client! Looking for new challenges is fun, but feeling firm on known ground is very cozy...

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Rui Melo said...

:) I know for some time now, but you can still surprise me. Don't take this the wrong way. I never bough a Mac because I'm lazy and they are expensive. They are great machines, usually very stable and they look extremely good :D
Of when you combine it with a huge past in photography, you've got the perfect match. Hope it can resist your bad temper :D

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