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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Polishing OSs...

Here's a great media player for Linux: Banshee 1.0 beta2.

As noted by ArsTecnica:

The latest beta, which was released on Friday, offers a wide variety of impressive features and a highly polished user interface.

Uhmm, highly polished user interface, here's something I miss on Linux. Some of my friends are great Linux fanatics and just refuse to accept Linux as a desktop still lacks the final polishing that we can get with Vista and Mac OS. But they're heading the right way.

An OS is not an isolated island, it depends on what we put there. And when great applications like Banshee appear they help lowering the distance between mainstream OSs built with the contribution of designers and user interface gurus, and Linux, built with the contribution of geeks. Though I must confess, Linux has one advantage: the ability to collect new concepts out of the mainstream packaged body of knowledge, try out new solutions with innovative users, mostly unattached to the obligation to maintain running businesses.

Man, I'm loving the time we live in...

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