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Friday, May 16, 2008

iMac day 3

I've been spending most of my time preparing a Silverlight presentation, so I can only talk about the beautiful display, VMWare fusion, Remote Desktop, and, did I mention, the brilliant display?

After the initial in love phase, I'm starting to get the first problems:

  • I couldn't get networking services from my XP guest to be served from the host; and yes, the firewall is disabled, I'll have to google about it;
  • VPN from within the guest OS is just too slow - guess I'm having some networking problems with VMWare fusion...
  • (Disclaimer: ok, I know, I've only bought my iMac a couple of days ago...) In my (humble) opinion, Finder is by far the weakest piece of software from Mac OS X - from those of the most visible ones... Even taking into consideration my inexperience on Mac. For me Finder is clumsy and outdated. So I've said it. Sorry.

Having said it, I still believe to have bought an incredible piece of hard/soft-ware! And I keep recommending: buy a Mac, install XP, Vista, Ubuntu and whatever you feel like on VMs. Play with them all. Fail. Analise. Try. Learn. Feel the differences - and the similarities. Get new concepts from them all, mix them wisely and you'll surely get better solutions for your problems - at least I guarantee you'll have fun trying. Hell, mix them crazy :) Because a techno-diverse world is a better world :P

Today's personal achievement:

  • Finally I'm not constantly lost on Spaces, Dock, Finder and running applications. Still pissed when Finder reuses de window folder I needed, and annoyed with the way we get to choose folders and files from within apps, but I'm getting the hang of it.
  • Finally understood when installations just install, and when I have to copy the bloody files to the Application folder;
  • Today I didn't have to fire up a terminal, sudo bash, route add, chown and chmod to get things done. A milestone!

PS: did I mention how good the display is?...

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