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Monday, May 26, 2008

Isn't pipeline a great pattern?

Yesterday I finally bought a grip for my old EOS 10D. I got it on eBay, and when I tried to pay with VISA I've found out it had been canceled - my bank canceled the old one and I'm waiting for the new one to get through mail...

Anyway, I did pay for the grip. How? Experimenting the beautiful pattern of pipelining. Here's how:

  1. on my homebanking, got a token to MBNET (Portuguese temporary VISA service);
  2. with this token, got a temporary VISA card;
  3. with this temporary VISA card, registered myself on PayPal;
  4. with my PayPal, sent money to a German guy that is selling the grip.

If these services didn't pipeline, the German guy needed to know how to interact with my Portuguese bank. Isn't pipelining just great?

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