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Thursday, May 15, 2008

iMac day 2

I've been writing project proposals like there is no tomorrow, so I haven't got a lot of time to play around with my new toy. Here's a fast report:

Forget about the cool OS, forget about the innovative community, forget about the Unix breeding, forget about the great display monitor (ok, that we cannot forget)... Forget about all of those, what I like the most about my new iMac is... the way it runs Windows!

It is just incredible how they interact. VMWare Fusion is just awesome, my XP developing lab just flies! And what about Unity? Just incredible! Working seamlessly on Visual Studio 2008 and IE8, side by side with Safari and LightRoom is just unbelievably cool. Even the remote desktop experience is just great - I'm presently blogging from a remote desktop connection from home to the office, and my old Vista seems to have gained a new live with this great display. And what about photos? It seems like the same old photos have been retouched by a professional photographer.

I hope to get some time over this weekend to blog about my Mac experience. Until then, I only have the following cons:

  • cannot get two concurrent user sessions;
  • cannot write over my NFTS formatted external disk - arghh, the last Ububtu I've used did it!...

PS: now that I've reconfigured the Spaces swapping shortcut from CTRL-Arrow, I can even edit through a file without changing spaces :) Hurray!

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