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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

VMWare Fusion rocks

What I love in VMWare Fusion:

  • it is incredibly fast;
  • I can project both cores into my good old XP;
  • Unity is just awesome:
    • it is absolutely transparent;
    • if you use the "Application" menu, you'll just don't need to get into the client OS anymore;

I still have a few problems with Fusion:

  • some of my keys are not correctly mapped;
  • disabling Map OS keys only works on Full Screen - there goes F10 on the debugger...
  • it sucks a lot of processing power out the host OS;

And with Apple:

  • dear Mr. Jobs: your obsession with tidiness and design is beginning to get into my nerves:
    • why in G-D's name don't you print the bloody characters on the keyboard? Yes, I know, it would be a geek keyboard, but what can I say, I'm a geek! And as a curly brackets old school geek I'd like to get my curly brackets printed on my beautiful new Portuguese keyboard;
    • ok, from the design point of view it just a beautiful concept, but how in the hell can you justify that such an item as a start button is hidden on the back of the monitor? It's a start button, for crying out loud, it should be discoverable! Self announced! You should make it difficult for people to start it. Placing a standard on/off on the front row would help, but if it isn't possible, I'd consider using the Apple sign :)
    • and what about USB sockets? Why do you think most of the computers nowadays have put them on the front? Hello? To be handy! Not beautiful, just handy!

PS: wouldn't it be nice if Microsoft implemented a Unity like feature on remote desktop?....

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