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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Geotagging your photos

Now that cameras are starting to geotag our photos, we have to write software that deals with this data. Microsoft is about to launch Pro Photo Tools, a free geotag-aware new utility geared for photography professionals and enthusiasts.

Microsoft is continuing to bet on consumers to boost Windows sales, and above all finally understood the sad truth: XP will still be here for a while, so Windows Imaging Component, the image-handling engine built for Vista, will be also available in Windows XP SP3.

From a product management point having to port this sub-systems to an older OS, from a different codebase, is just too silly to be true. But the fact remains that Vista is not getting enough traction, so Microsoft doesn't have another option.

Weisberg views Pro Photo Tools as a strong statement about what Microsoft can accomplish by building off its existing Windows infrastructure:

One hundred days ago, I wrote a memo launching the project. One hundred days later, we have a product. That's not typical Microsoft.

Theses are great news. And part of the infrastructure responsible for this success is VirtualEarth, my next post.

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