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Friday, May 09, 2008

Groove is not always groovy...

Watch out for Groove 2007 synchronization: I'm using it to work over a WSS3 team site, and had the following:

  • synced on a 2nd machine: bad idea, all my document library got duplicated! Even files and directories I wasn't working on; please note that it work just fine for a week or so;
  • after some "housekeeping" (moving around, renaming and deleting files), I've found out I couldn't sync tose changes back to WSS. Then, after a series of painful recovers, I managed to sync it up, just to find out... it was out of sync! Some folders just disappeared from WSS, but still appeared on Groove. More, I've uploaded these files again over Groove, but then couldn't get it to sync again (no files on the WSS to update...).

My advise: do you housekeeping over tiny baby steps and sync these baby steps right into WSS. At least for now.

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