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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

About Microsoft bid over Yahoo

Let's be clear about it: Google is not a social institution for the defense of civil rights - it is just another corporation, not unlike Microsoft and others.

These corporations usually buy other corporations - for instance, Google bought Picasa, DoubleClick, SketchUp, Blogger, YouTube, FeedBurner and Android - among many others. Yahoo bought Four11, ClassicGames, GeoCities, eGroups and Paul Graham's ViaWeb. Microsoft's list is even larger.

For some strange reason, Google likes to be treated as the virgin Mary of corporations, pure and untouched on the evil of the enterprises. As if we wanted corporations to be pure and naive... All we want from them is to allow the market to play as fair as possible. On an ideal world, maybe corporations shouldn't be allowed to buy each others, only to grow from inside, but that is a fact that we can't prevent, as a basis of out capitalism system.

I've found a great article with which I can relate on this regard: Hello, Google, can you spell hypocrisy?.

On this article, Jack Schofield unmounts Chief Legal Officer's hilarious post, stating:

If Google really thinks Microsoft is evil, it can stop marketing the Google Toolbar and Firefox for Windows, and drop even the mediocre support for Office in Google docs. But it seems it would rather take the money and/or market share, and be hypocritical about it.

Eh, eh, eh, I complaint on a regular basis about this, don't I?

How far Google is open is another matter. It certainly exploits free open source software, but its "secret sauce" isn't available. Its search algorithms and operations are entirely secret, and Google can delete your site from its index without consulting you or anybody else, and you have no real recourse.

Right again, Jack!

My advice to Google: stop winning for all of the cake. For the rest of us, let's keep alert about monopolies. And for now, and over internet search and advertisement, I'd start worrying about Google, for much wrong Microsoft has done on the past.

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