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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why I don't use Google Reader

As I've mentioned earlier, I read a lot of blogs daily (I pay special attention to about 150 feeds from a total of 450).
Here's my reading practice:

  • I have a first go from my favorite ones from within my favorite list while... having breakfast!
  • When I get to the office, I use FeedDemon's "Most Popular Posts" report to dig into what people are talking about;
  • I bookmark articles I'm interested in for reading when I get back home;
  • Back home I review interesting articles, finish reading my favorite list and post on devCatharsis;
The number of articles I read is incompatible with the relative poor presentation capabilities of a browser. More, I depend upon a "Most Popular Posts" report, and Google Reader doesn't have one.
As a blogger I have another problem: Google Reader proxies the reader's requests, so I loose the capability to characterize the requests (where they came from, which OS and browser). And yes, all this information is kept in Google...

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