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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

ADO.NET performance improvements with the .NET Framework 2.0 SP1

I just love when performance service packs! Here they are:

  • [they] worked with the CLR team to get improvements like the thread pool improved scalability, and that was important for making sure our SqlReader performance is better in multithreaded scenarios (like your ASP.NET applications under load);
  • particularly improved were scenarios like Data set insertion, and multi-threaded scenarios (such as ASP.NET applications) using SqlDataReader (25% better or more, depending on hardware and OS architecture);

Here's a summary:

Scenario .NET 2 .NET 2 SP1 Improvement
SqlReader 14855 18100 27.3%
DataSet insert 9637 12890 40.8%
Pet Shop 4.0(Browse) 22.44 24.40 8.72%
Pet Shop 4.0 (Buy) 21.54 23.04 6.99%


I love when improvements just fall from the sky with no integration cost. So hurry up and patch your servers!

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