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Saturday, February 09, 2008


ooVoo is a multi-person video chat application. Hanselman states he can conference up to 4 people with great experience.

I haven't tried it yet, just installed it. For now I'm just impressed with this great teaser:



The video seems to be censored now. Here's YouTube's uncensored version.

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chessiakelley said...

I can't believe they censored that! so funny. I am an ooVoo rep so I thought I would drop you some hints on the program since you haven't given it a try yet. It can conference up to 6 pple at once while maintaining great quality (its because its server based, not peer to peer) You can text/chat/send video messages to email accounts/post your videos/ect.

You can also download the Mac version now at My ooVoo Day. For the rest of the week you can check out the event in which 23 bloggers and podcasters from a variety of different industries and interest groups will host their communities in multi-user online video chats.

Also, calling to cell phones and landlines is free all month!

I look forward to your feedback and or questions!

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