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Sunday, February 10, 2008


I'm addicted to mind-mapping applications. Since I found FreeMind I've developed an obsession for capturing software concepts over software, not whiteboards.

Here's a cool WPF application that maps minds: Cayra. Great layout and graphics capabilities. Incredible user experience.



Don't forget to keep saving your work, I've been experiencing some crashes. But it payees off, the usage is just incredible. What I really miss is importing FreeMind documents.


Ю said...
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Cayra said...

Hello Mario,
My name is Julia, I'm a part of Cayra team.
First of all, thanks for your post!
Second, I have a small question for you: do you think you could tell us in which situations Cayra crashes? We'll be very grateful if you do that as we're approaching 1.0 version and we want to do everything possible to make the program stable.
And just a small note - it's possible to import FreeMind maps to Cayra, have you tried it?
To open a map created in FreeMind click on the Open map button (or press "Ctrl+O") and choose "All supported formats" in "Files of type" drop menu.

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