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Sunday, February 17, 2008


Here it is. When Orcas came into town GAT/GAX had their walk on the desert - a version that works for a Beta2 and not for the RTM is just silly. But finally it's over, life can go on.

This is not a GAT/GAX related problem, this is something we have to deal whenever we change a developing cycle. And now that we have the CTP model in action, in the agile sprint way of life, this problem is getting worse.

This is a problem we have to start addressing soon. In the old days, a big change would be 16 versus 32 bits, and that was pretty much it. Now we live on a broader ecosystem. We have to match the right version of a large set of components coming from several providers that can't sync up their agendas.

Another thing we have to learn is to better decouple this environments - I know it is hard, but it seems clear that each and every Visual Studio cycle just breaks up more than it should.

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