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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

.NET Debugging Demos Lab 1: Hang

Every now and then I'm called to help debug applications - I even have a fireman helmet to carry on, even if I feel more like a plumber. Here's a guy gal that is not ashamed to reveal his debug sessions, he even seems to be proud about it, go figure! Now seriously, he posted the first of a series of his great debugging experience.

The last session I had that needed to get into windbg took me 2 days on the client - we couldn't recreate the exact level of stress users did. We could clearly surpass the load with app stress tool, but surpassing it is wasn't enough! On login peak times, this project just started queuing requests like there's no tomorrow! WinDbg pinpointed the locked call - it was AD related and infra-structure dependent, so we solved it by changing the way this application logged-in.

Who knows, I may post the details of my next cool debugging experience back on devCatharsis...

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André Cardoso said...

It's a great blog for everyone interested in .NET Debugging.

A "minor" correction, Tess Fernandez is not a guy, but a gal (not very common, even more being a subject closer to the bits and bytes), and one of the greatest Experts in the area.

Some other interesting blogs:

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