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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Windows Mobile 5 false alarms

My friend Pita as just posted about the solution for the unwanted sound alarms and reminders that flooded the bootstrapper of some Windows Mobiles. I was also one of the unlucky users that had this annoying bug, and Pita had already suggested using MemMaid to solve the problem -which I never did.

Some time ago I was synchronizing my PDA time from the GPS clock when I found a bug on my sync routine: it didn't warn me if the GPS date being too far from the mobile date. And it was, my buggy routine set the date to 2006! Instantly all the sound alarms that appeared on the bootstrap just started popping as regular alarm notifications, allowing me to dismiss them. And that was the last I saw about this alarm bug.

The moral of could very well be: not all bugs are unwanted :)

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