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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Microsoft is Googling up

It seems like the cloud infrastructure is really becoming key to how Microsoft goes forward with Software+Services (S+S). As bink.nu mentions:

There are lots of components beyond just the racks of Windows Server boxes that are keeping Microsoft’s online properties up and running. Some of the other pieces that have come across my radar screen (thanks to tips from various sources who requested anonymity):

  • AutoPilot: The management system for Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger and Live Search services. Word is Microsoft is extending AutoPilot to handle every Windows Live service, as well as some other members of its Live and Online families. AutoPilot performs tasks like network monitoring, power monitoring, performance monitoring, analysis, etc. It also will enable Microsoft to use commodity hardware in deploying its datacenter infrastructure.
  • Bedrock: The core shared publishing platform for Live
  • Shuttle: The feed-management system for Live. I’m not sure how this fits (or doesn’t) with Microsoft’s FeedSync, which is one of Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie’s pet projects.
  • Fuse: A SQL Server diagnostics/monitoring system
  • Cloud DB: The project via which Microsoft is scaling out its back-end structured data store. Cloud DB will be the storage platform for many of the Windows Live services and applications. The team is working to make SQL Server more fault tolerant, scalable and highly available.

Oops, seems like Microsoft is learning some lessons from Google. Not there yet, but definitely not sleeping.

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