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Monday, February 18, 2008

I was this close to loose my faith on Vista

This morning it happened: for the first time my Vista workstation  seemed blocked on a black screen. I rushed to another machine and accessed it remotely: every thing was working just fine. Strange...

I restarted remotely my Vista box and... still nothing on the screen. Getting stranger...

Then I hit my LCD power button and... nothing happened! My LCD was blocked! My LCD! Isn't this too silly to be true?!?! Totally unresponsive to any input!

I plugged out the power cord, waited for over 10 seconds until the LCD light shut off and connected it back: my Vista was back on action!

The moral of the story - and no, this isn't statistically relevant: my Vista box is more stable than my LCD monitor!

PS: if it wasn't for the recent SP1 update restart I would be terribly pissed off now - my Vista box is always on with decent uptimes. And yes, this is ecologically wrong, but I need to access it from home, and I do shutdown the LCD over lunch and overnight. And don't forget: your computer still drains power when shutdown simply by being plugged into the power socket, they are just sucking up less power.

PS: my monitor is a 17' Dell, an entry level cheap LCD monitor - I'm writing this post from home so I can't post the model - maybe tomorrow.


My monitor is a Dell E178FP

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